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Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We’re excited to announce that we have just launched our brand new website - - from which real estate professionals worldwide will be able to search through a wide variety of investment properties!

In turn, real estate professional and developers, as well as corporate landlords, will be able to display their properties on our site, to find the ideal investor. is the only website specifically optimised for property investors

We offer a comprehensive range of tools that allow investors to be sure that they have made an informed choice.

Our website is unique in the way that we categorise the properties that we display; we utilise gross annual yield; a metric that we can calculate from the information that sellers provide us with. Gross annual yield represents a property’s value as an income generating asset; and is calculated through the comparison of rent received against the purchase price of the property. By utilising Gross annual yield, investors gain an accurate insight into the annual return of investment that they can expect from each property.

This in turn means that investors can more easily compare a property investment, to other available options, such as shares, bonds and cash. With interest currently being exceptionally low for these alternative investments, the quality of property investment is often more starkly underlined. will display three specific varieties of property for the perusal of investors; ‘Instants’, ‘Potentials’ and ‘HMOs’.

‘Instants’ refer to properties that are occupied by rent paying tenants, and will therefore provide a return on investment from the day that the sale is completed.‘Instants’ are listed with an actual price, rent and yield.

'Potentials' are vacant properties with the potential to be let to tenants - listed with an actual price and an estimated rental value and yield. As an estimated value. Potentials can often offer an improved yield over the displayed amount.

'HMO's' are houses with multiple occupancy; generally containing 4 bedrooms or more, and may provide the highest returns of all; reflecting the potentially higher ratio of money made, to property management required. In other words, if all goes well, a HMO can provide a higher return of interest, in return for a level property maintenance comparable to a less populated property.

So, if you are looking to buy a residential investment property in the UK, and want to know its annual return, make your one stop property portal destination.

What savvy investor does not want to join a £1 trillion market which is growing at £50 billion every year!?


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