Why investing in a buy to let property in London

As the centre of economic growth in the UK, it's fair to say that many of the world’s best and brightest work in and around London, ensuring healthy tenant demand. However, international buyers of investment property are also keen to buy - high rents can be matched by high prices as competition from both renters and investment buyers is fierce.

The beauty of the investments we list for sale on this site is that they have been sourced from estate agents and the sales departments of large scale landlords/developers, which means that you can rely upon the accuracy of the data provided, and the worth of said properties as an income generating asset. Our portal is the only property site to completely focus on displaying buy to let property for sale, which is why we always display the annual return on income - we know that in investment picking, yield is king! This way it's much easier to compare a London investment property with other investment options; such as stocks and annuities.

We have divided the buy to let property displayed on this site into three distinct categories, all with their annual yield calculated; ‘instants’ can be considered to be an immediate income generating asset, with tenants already in place. ‘Potentials’ are just that; properties that currently lack tenants, and therefore are still only potential income generating assets. ‘HMO’ stands for Houses with Multiple Occupancy; and are generally properties with more than 4 bedrooms; a more attractive proposition for some investors.

So whether you are UK based or from overseas, and are looking for long or short term investment in houses or flats for sale in London, have a browse through the selection on our web site and contact the seller for your ideal residential investment property purchase.